Hello! My name is Lindsey Smith and I have 18 years of experience working with many facets of cultural heritage. I've worked with exhibits, historical collections, and exhibits featuring historical collections. As a consultant, I help organizations discover innovative-yet-practical solutions for their creative projects. Whether I'm strategizing for the future, documenting historic materials or putting them on display, I see the forest and the trees.

In addition to my consulting work, I've worked on exhibits including The U-505, Leonardo: Man, Inventor, Genius, and many more while on staff at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I've also worked with historical collections at Des Moines University, the Amherst Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Iowa Jewish Historical Society. I founded Exhibitsmith in 2009, shortly after moving to Des Moines, Iowa.

For more information, please visit my Linkedin profile.

Oh and that's not all! In 2014 I founded Hangerbee, a company dedicated to preserving historic garments. Hangerbee's museum-quality, affordable padded hangers are available at www.hangerbee.com as well as at Gaylord Archival.