Exhibit Content Development
I have experience working on exhibits of all sizes. With a focus on concept development, content management, writing, and artifact curation, I believe I’m a positive addition to any exhibit team. 

Selected Exhibit Clients/Projects:
Belmond Historical Society
Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates:
               The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes
               The Science of Rock N' Roll
Iowa Department for the Blind
Iowa Jewish Historical Society:
                Honoring Iowa's Jewish Veterans          
Museum of Danish America
                Danish Roots, American Dreams
Museum of Science and Industry:
               The Art of the Bicycle
               Black Creativity 40th Anniversary
               The Fairy Castle Conservation Project
               The White House: A Look Inside
               U-505 Submarine Upgrade
River City Society for Historic Preservation
               Architectural Interpretive Center
Science Center of Iowa
The State Historical Society of Iowa
                Iowa, One Piece at a Time